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Hello! My Name is Inga and I am The Russian foodie. I decided to run this blog because I have passion for cooking and my husband is great at internet installations so two of us make a great couple and great work partners.

My Family:

I always like to be around people and get new ideas. I was never shy as a kid. I love to learn new things and my mojo is to never stop learning.  My husband is American and has deep German and Canadian roots. He works with computers and helps me with my website since I am not that good at installing new stuff. God blessed us with one beautiful daughter and hopefully more kids in the future.

A quick rundown about me:

new pics 273I came from Lithuania, a beautiful eastern European country. The main ingredient they grow is potatoes. Potatoes are cheap and affordable to many so I love to incorporate this ingredient into my recipes.  Most of my recipes are approved by my friends and my family and my parents so I would put only the best ones. I did lots of research book after book, and I hope it is worth it cause I want to share them all with you.

My cooking mostly involves Russian and Lithuianian roots.  My husband is American but he loves all of my eastern European cooking.  My husband is a really good cook too, especially steaks.  He helps me to decorate my recipes  in the pictures and also helps me with videos. I couldn’t do without him.

I have English degree, nursing assistant license, medical assistant license,  I am  a mom and a wife. I still work at the hospital and running this blog and hopefully in the future this will be my full time hobby. I go to church and I pray to God to give me wisdom and creativity.

Please note: This is my personal blog with my own opinions only. This blog is not a dietary advice.



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